Baby diapers

Schimbarea scutecelor noaptea - Κεντρική Εικόνα
Diaper changing at night is a difficult process for both you and your baby.
Βρεφική Πάνα
Changing diapers may seem at first a rather difficult thing to do with such a tiny little body... Soon, however, you will find that it is really simple! You will change your baby so many times during the day that this will soon simple for you.
Πότε πρέπει να αλλάξετε μέγεθος πάνας
All babies do not have the same physique and development and as they grow, their body structure varies even more. So, we choose diapers according to the baby's physique, its weight rather than its age and that's why diaper sizes overlap in kilograms.
Εξανθήματα στην περιοχή της πάνας
Diaper rashes do not always have the same form.
Αλλαγή της πάνας και ασφάλεια
To change your baby's diapers, you can use a piece of furniture - a diaper changing table or any surface covered with a changing towel.