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The arrival of every newborn baby, is the highlight of every woman who has decided to become a mom. Each newborn, however, does not only fulfil every woman’s life, but also changes many of her habits. Let’s see what are the most important changes in the life of a new mother!
Ασκήσεις Γυμναστικής
Are you a new mother, who just brought your little treasure into the world?
Παιδικός, Γιαγιά ή Νταντά;
What is best for your child: growing up with its grandmother who loves it, having a professional baby-sitter or being in daycare, in the company of other children and experienced tutors? Let's look at the factors that will help us take the first important decision for the upbringing of our child.
Nobody else can provide your child with the love, care and affection that you can offer. But you may need to arrange for your child to be cared for by a third person, especially when its grandparents cannot look after it when you have things to do. Before you decide who to hire, you should consider...
Postpartum is the period during which the body tries to gradually return, over a period of 40 days, to its pre-pregnancy condition. This is a transitional period during which many physical, and hormonal and psychological changes take place.
Επιλόχειος Κατάθλιψη
The birth of a child is often accompanied by the appearance of psychopathological symptoms in its mother. The most common emotional change (in 50-75% of women) is a kind of melancholy with intense emotions; often after the birth of her child the mother breaks into tears (albeit mainly of joy) but...
Τι πρέπει να κάνει ο νέος γονιός για την ανάπτυξη της αυτοεκτίμησης του παιδιού του
As science develops, and especially with the advancement of brain neuroimaging it becomes evident that the early years of a baby's life are very important of the rest of its life.
Νέα μητέρα και αυτοεκτίμηση
When motherhood comes to women from 20 to 50 years old, their age alone is not a parameter affecting their self-esteem. Nowadays, with school being compulsory until the age of 15, we can say that motherhood before 20 may cause problems in self-esteem, as the child can recover its professional and...
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