Toddler Nutrition

Giannis Chrysou
Clinical Dietitian
Head of Nutrition Department - for outpatients - at Euroclinic Children's Hospital General Secretary of Hellenic Nutrition Institute
Αντιμετωπίστε την δυσκοιλιότητα
Infants are considered to suffer from constipation when they have less frequent bowel movements, every 5-6 days, and of hard texture. However, the problem can also occur in daily bowel movements, of hard and dry texture. This is a rare phenomenon among breast-fed infants, since maternal milk is...
Μάθετε για τον Σακχαρώδη Διαβήτη τύπου Ι (Νεανικός Διαβήτης)
If your child have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, you will certainly felt like you are losing the earth under your feet! However, you should know that Diabetes Mellitus is not a rare condition. It affects a significant number of children and can be treated very effectively.
Παιδική παχυσαρκία: Η σύγχρονη επιδημία που μπορούμε να αντιμετωπίσουμε
Until a few years ago, childhood obesity was not a problem of public health in Greece and Europe in general. In the last decade, several organisations have recorded the obesity rates in Greek children. The Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity, the Department of Science of Nutrition and...
Χοληστερίνη στην παιδική ηλικία: μήπως πρέπει να δώσουμε προσοχή;
General information Most parents do not evaluate cholesterol values in their children. However, high cholesterol levels are a major predisposing factor for cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, many studies link cardiovascular diseases to childhood. This is implied by the scientific report of the...
Προσέξτε τις μερίδες - αντιμετωπίστε την παχυσαρκία
The incidence of obesity in children is quite high. According to a study by the Hellenic Institute of Nutrition, 1 in 3 children is overweight and 1 in 5 is obese. The effects of increased weight in the physical and mental health of the child and, subsequently, of the adult are particularly serious.
Τρόφιμα που πρέπει να αποφεύγετε
As your child grows, you certainly like it when it tries some food from your plate. You must have all had your doubts about whether your child should try something offered by the grandpa or grandma. Nevertheless, you still want to offer your child a variety of foods both for indulgence and better...
Όταν έρχεται η ώρα του γλυκού
For children, eating sweet treats is part of their diet. It is an indulgence, which if excluded, can cause stronger cravings. However, you should keep in mind that they are sweet treats and therefore their amount should be controlled. Before reaching this point, we must first assess our own...
Κίνδυνος πνιγμού στα παιδιά. Μάθετε πώς να τον αποφύγετε
Obstructions of the respiratory tract in the respiratory system of children are not rare. It is an accident that may happen but can be overcome, if you are calm and, of course, informed. Children up to 3 years are at greater risk, since at this age they tend to put all sorts of things in their...
Πρέπει τα παιδιά να καταναλώνουν ψάρια;
Fish is a food of high nutritional value, both in fact and in the minds of consumers. It is a source of high biological value protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids, are also called essential fatty acids and their adequate intake in infants and young children has been associated with...
Λύστε το αίνιγμα των λαχανικών
The introduction of vegetables in the daily diet of children is extremely important. Guidelines of all official bodies are strict when it comes to the consumption of three portions of vegetables per day; yet children more often than not refuse to consume them. Numerous studies show that adding...
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