Destinații - Κεντρική Εικόνα


A very nice destination can be visiting one of the kid’s museums. See the schedule of the museum before you decide to go, to see if there is a special activity for younger visitors (eg. reading fairy tales). Prepare your little one during the week for the theme of the museum you will visit. Talk about what you will see and learn, not only to make the excitement bigger, but also to help him understand the exhibits better. Such museums will not only amuse them with activities, presentations and interactive games, but also will help them get to know themselves better and also the world around them, in the most delightful way.


Educational facilities

In your town, you can find places where your kid will learn that, playing can combine fun with acquiring knowledge through creative-education, with the guidance of qualified staff available. Such places can be the perfect destination for mums who have two or more children, since apart from programs for children, they may provide specialized programs even for infants. Such places can be:

Bookstores & Baby libraries, which can provide events like reading fairy tales, puppet shows, board games, etc.

Conservatories with music programs, where infants even from ten months old may come for the first time in contact with the magical world of making music and get their first stimuli that is so important for their psycho and social development.

The Planetarium can become one of the favorite destinations for kid’s offering games, narratives, workshops, theatrical performances and experiments that will "feed" their imagination and knowledge.

Children's workshops exist in almost every major city with many programs for children in every age group (even from 3 months old). Projects with construction, music, sports, theater and even cooking classes can fill pleasantly evenings not only for your little one, but also your owns. Many areas have parallel programs and seminars for parents.


Kids Theater and shows

Children's shows and theaters have experienced in the recent years a growth of recognition by young and older children. More and more well-known artists are getting involved with children's plays, making it a wonderful entertainment that has to offer not only amusement but also knowledge to your kids. Through the plays, which are most of the times interactive up to a point, the expression of thoughts and feelings, the activation of the natural curiosity and the willingness to engage, the socialization, the ability to find and use information are strengthening their imagination. A “good” show can help them enrich their experience and confidence and make them understand the world better.


Green destinations

One of your main concerns should be to familiarize your baby with nature. From infancy even, a baby that has already taken its first steps, can feel the difference between playing in his room with another educational toy and discovering the magic of the world by playing with soil or pebbles on the beach. Do not forget that staying in an urban environment makes it even more important for your child to go to places where it can enjoy the environment. It is important for children to be familiar with trees, flowers, animals and insects because that will help his psycho - emotional development.

The environment offers an excellent opportunity for them to develop their senses and their observation. They learn not to be afraid, to respect and protect nature. It is the best way to strengthen their bodies and acquire interests outside the house. Even, the oxygen by itself works as a great advantage for their growth. It is a nice chance to be the whole family together and create beautiful memories in an excellent environment. So get your children out of the house! Let them smell and feel everything that has to do with nature, without worrying that they will get dirty.

Theme parks, where kids can learn by playing in a protected and clean environment. You can find very interesting theme parks all over Greece. Do a small research before you leave for vacation to see if the place you are visiting has a theme park.

Estates, the majority of which are public property and open to public can be a unique attraction for families. Take your friends and your bikes, prepare simple and healthy snacks for a picnic and spend your whole day in your nearest green paradise.

The Attico Zoological Park, is currently one of the best zoos in Europe. It is an excellent proposal that combines entertainment with education for kids. In an area of ​​200 acres you can offer your child the opportunity to become acquainted with 2000 animals from 350 different species and admire the beautiful marine mammals! Enjoy a magical journey on 5 continents through specially designed educational programs, tours or just visiting. There is also an area for picnic. The park requires several hours to see it all and be sure that your little one will get hungry!


Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks is a great destination for you and your kid. You can find at least one playground near your house that your little one will love going. Playgrounds are small open societies, where one can seek company of his choice for either kids or parents. It is also an opportunity to see how social is your little one and how well behaved you are as a parent, under certain circumstances.

Here are some things that you should evaluate before visiting such an area:

Most importantly you should see if the area you are visiting is appropriate for the age of your kid. Many playgrounds and amusement parks have specially desingned areas for babies from 5 months old.

It is very important to see if all the equipments are well maintained without broken parts or rusted metals and dangerous sharp corners. Generally, choose an area clean and in excellent condition.

The space should have natural or artificial fencing, especially if it is near a busy road. This way, there is no risk that your kid will escape your attention and "pop" to the street. Fencing will also be protecting the area, from stray animals. Especially for Luna parks, be sure that there is specially trained staff that can help you if you need something while and you are alone with your baby.

In any case, as careful as you may be there is always a chance that your little one might fall or have a small accident, so make sure you have with you a mini pharmacy or at least antiseptic wipes for cleaning a scratch or a small wound!