Having fun on the way

Who said that all the fun starts once you get to your destination; while being in the car travelling to your destination, can be a great opportunity for the whole family to come closer. No matter if the journey takes from 5 minutes up to several hours, you can take advantage of amusing and creative ways to spend your time more enjoyable and less tiring for you and your little one.

Δραστηριότητες για την διαδρομή

Music – Singing

A favorite activity for the kids is listening to their favorite music. According to his age, choose cd’s with appropriate content. As your little one grows, you can choose cd’s with content that can provide not only fun, but also knowledge. By listening to music they can learn about colors, numbers, animals etc.


Quizzes and games

For older kids, games with questions, word puzzles and games “look and find”, can be very amusing and can keep them busy for few minutes up to several hours. Such games will also help them develop their vocabulary and will introduce knowledge in a fun way!


Some fun ideas for games:

The game of 20 questions: Tell your little one to put in his mind an object that is inside the car, do 20 questions that should be answered with a simple yes or no, until you find the object. To make the game easier for a smaller kid make him thinks of a favorite toy or even a favorite snack.
Make him find words that begin with the same letter of your destinations name.
Look and find cars. Count how many cars of a particular color are passing by.


Cd’s with tales

The fairy tale cd’s is an easy way to keep your little one busy in the car. It can also be the best way to help you put your little one to sleep, especially you’re still miles away from your final destination. There are also cars that have as a function, the isolation of the front speakers so as the tales or the music can be heard only at the back of the car. That way, you can make a conversation with your partner or company, without interrupting him having fun.

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