26th week


Size of baby: 32 cm

Baby's weight: 910 grams

Almost reaching 1 kg and as a reward we receive three happy news as a gift this week: The baby opens its eyes for the first time (after several weeks), the baby sleeps, following its own schedule for sleeping and the baby starts to form its first memories in its mind! The network of nerves in its ears is growing and is more sensitive than before. Now it can hear you talking! Also, if it's a boy the testicles begin to descend into the scrotum, a journey that will take two to three days.

26η Εβδομάδα



...Your memory does not serve you well during pregnancy? Do not panic if you find that it's harder for you to remember than before. After birth, your memory will return to normal, i.e. at the same levels as it was before pregnancy. You can write down your tasks on a paper and try to place things that you move back to their original position, right after use. This process will definitely be easier for you to remember!


If you feel tired and have trouble sleeping, eating, rapid heartbeat or fainting, it is possible that you suffer from anaemia, a relatively normal situation at this stage of your pregnancy. Contact your doctor, who will make a diagnosis and give you proper treatment, if he deems necessary.


Lately, the lower part of your back is causing you more discomfort with mild pain, as the uterus grows and shifts your centre of gravity, weakens your abdominal muscles and pushes of nerves in the area and ligaments, which means more work for... your joints! What is advisable, should the doctor permit it, is mild daily exercise. Initially, you should avoid sudden and intense movements such as bending and lifting, it will burden your back. Good posture when sitting is very important. No cross-legged position and no humping in front of the TV or computer! If you must sit for long hours in a chair, make sure you get up for short breaks at regular intervals. Needless to say you should avoid prolonged standing. Walking is good, but don't overdo it for long hours. A lightweight walk along with your partner, helps improve blood circulation. Swimming is also a very good idea (in safe and clean waters), as water supports and relieves your increased weight. In some special pools you may even find special prenatal classes. When sleeping, prefer to do so on your left side with your knees bent and pillows between the legs that help support your belly. After a hectic day, place your feet in a basin with warm water (careful, not too hot, at a temperature comfortably tolerated) for a few minutes. You can also add a few drops of scented oils in it. Also, a warm bath before bedtime will relax the muscles of the back, and your body in general.



Does swelling of your fingers forces you to take your favourite rings off? We have a solution for you! Gather those you want to wear and play with combinations, transforming them into new jewellery. What do we mean? A ring can become a chic necklace, simply passing it through a discreet chain. Still, it could become a striking bracelet, if you tied its loop to a leather string on both sides. Think of other ideas, enjoying life and creative time at home, alone or with your girlfriends!

Have a pleasant week... and enjoy creating things!

26th week | Babylino


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