We support multi-child families, with actions of caring


Babylino Sensitive products, support multi-child families with actions of caring, by creating a new social program, in cooperation with the Supreme Confederation of Multi- Child Parents of Greece (ASPE) and the Union of Multi- Child Parents of Athens (EPA), specially for muti-child parents in Thessaloniki and Athens. 

Με πράξεις φροντίδας, στηρίζουμε τους Πολύτεκνους Γονείς - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Babylino Sensitive, recognize the difficulties multi-child families are facing under the difficult conditions of the economic crisis in order to raise their children. Therefore they created a new support program that includes constant and systematic social actions.

So if you have a multi-child family with baby up to 3 years old, you have the opportunity to benefit from the special privileges for the multi-child families (in addition to those, other members have), by becoming a member of Babylino Club. These privileges include among others:

  • participation in exclusive contests for multi-child families, with diapers and other useful baby gifts
  • samples of baby products for each new family member
  • additional coupons for your purchases

 It is essential your multi-child family card (ASPE) to be valid.

You can register today and participate in multi-child families program, by clicking on the following link http://www.babylino.gr/babylino-club-form and filling out the registration form of Babylino Club. It is essential to insert in the specified field, the number of your valid multi-child family card (ASPE).

This initiative is a continuation of the program entitled "Actions of Caring" for the society, and fits into Mega Disposables S.A overall Corporate Responsibility Program.

Indicatively, on September 2014 Babylino Sensitive provided school supplies which were distributed to elementary school children, and recently granted the EPA numerous amounts of BabyGo baby-pants for the children of multi-child families.