A safe room for your newborn

Since we have already talked about the colors and decoration you’ll choose for your baby’s room, it’s time to bear in mind some important things for his safety as well.

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Especially during the first months of his life, you need to create an environment that will offer comfort, security and tranquility for both of you!!

Let's see a few important points for his room...

The crib

During the first months of his life, the most important task that she has, is to sleep!! As for you, being able to move freely in the room is also very important. Arrange furniture in such way that will allow you an easy and safe access even during night time, giving special importance on the correct positioning of his crib.

It is best to choose a place that won’t be under a window or in front of the room’s balcony door. Direct sunlight and air drafts, can cause irritations or even health problems to your little angel (e.g. cold catch). Also avoid the area near the radiator.

The next step is to choose the correct mattress for the crib. As she spends many hours lying down daily, it is very important to pay special attention to the selection of her mattress. Don’t forget that the mattress you’ll choose can be used until your baby reaches the age of 4 or 5, a period of rapid body changes. It is important to select the one that will provide a comfortable and enjoyable sleep and at the same time a correct spine support. Note that pillows are not allowed during the first year of your baby’s life.

For choosing a mattress you also need to consider the following:

  • By getting the correct size that won’t leave any gap between the mattress and the crib, you minimize the risk of her being trapped or injured. You may also find a hard edged mattress, which doesn’t allow her feet to get stuck between the mattress and the bed frame.
  • It should offer comfort and support. A mattress with medium hardness that “follows” body’s curves would be ideal, as it will provide support by giving at the same time the feeling of body embracement and relaxation as your hug would give. As we already said, correct spine support is really important for your baby’s development. So, a good mattress will offer her a quality sleep, which is very important for her development.
  • Furthermore, choosing a mattress made by safe and certified materials is also very important. Your baby is spending many hours in her bed therefor lying on a safe mattress is very important since she is more sensitive to harmful substances. A choice of ecological and skin-friendly materials with the ability to "breathe", would be ideal. As far as its cover is concerned, try to find a hypoallergenic one that ideally has been anti mites treated, to prevent the growth of microorganisms, which may cause allergies and respiratory problems. Last but not least, choose one that has a cotton composition cover, in order to create ideal conditions of friendliness for your baby’s sleep.

Always remember to place the cribs railing into position, as it takes only a few seconds for your baby to move and hurt herself.  Avoid hanging anything that could potentially be easily swallowed like good luck charms, crosses ect.

Finally, don’t hang anything on the walls over the crib like shelves or decoration, even if they are well secured.

The changing table

The next thing you need to choose carefully is the changer.  If you decide to purchase a furniture changer, try to find a spacious one so even if your baby grows you won’t need to replace it. Being able to store everything you need for the diaper change is also very beneficial as it is essential not to leave your baby even for a few seconds unattended.

If you want extra security to your baby’s movement, you should find a changing table that provides parametrically high sides.

If you have a changing mattress that can be placed on top of a furniture, make sure that it is not projecting, so even if your little one finds herself on the edge will not tip over and have an accident.

The floor

The floor is also very important for the rooms’ safety. Remember that in a kids room the floor can get very dirty and therefore should be easy to clean and not be slippery. If you decide to cover the floor with carpet, make sure to clean and aerate it often so as not to accumulate dust and mites. So if you want to use a carpet, be sure it is well secured and easy to cleaning.

The room's windows

Use transparent plastic film in the windows, especially if they are not double glazing. So if they brake, the fragments will not spread in the room causing an accident.


Natural day light is perfect for your baby’s room. If the room however is a bit dark during the day, you will need a light that won’t disturb her eyes while lying in the crib or changing table. Therefore, try to find ceiling light that create a warm and natural atmosphere.

Besides room’s main lighting, there will be moments that you’ll need a cozier and relaxing atmosphere, for breast-feeding or for reading a bed time story. Moments like this a desk lamp on a coffee table near the breastfeeding chair next to his crib is ideal.

However the night light is the most important one. To avoid turning on a bright, disturbing light for a diaper change or feeding and having your baby irritated and woken up, place adequate little night lights in the room that offers you just enough light.

Attention to electricity!

We can never be careful enough with electricity, so be aware of the dangers! No cables should be accessible from your baby’s crib or the changing table or any other part in the room. Covering all the sockets with plastic protectors is really essential.

Friendly and clean environment

As we already mentioned, during her first year of life, your baby will spend long hours in her room and bed. Therefore, you ought to dedicate your efforts at offering her a clean and healthy environment. Read below some things listed for her better wellbeing:

  • The ventilation of the room, the blankets and the mattress should be made almost daily. In addition, open the room’s windows twice a day, early in the morning and late in the evening when traffic is lower, in order to avoid dust and pollution from outside. You could also install an air purifier, if you live in an area with increased air pollution. It is forbidden of course, to smoke in the baby's room and it would be even better if you don’t smoke inside the house at all!
  • Don’t fill the room with unnecessary objects that can get dusty. Dust is one of the main reasons causing allergies. When cleaning the baby’s room, start from the highest points by using always a wet cloth to avoid dust floating in the air, leaving the floor for last. Also avoid entering the baby's room with clothes, shoes and bags you were wearing during the day, as they might carry germs. For the same reason, it is advisable to avoid carpets and rugs, even in winter. Find small ecological carpets that you can clean and dust regularly.
  • Do not install air condition in the room. Consult your pediatrician about the age group of children that can have one in their room. If you have already installed and using one, you ought to know that despite the ideal temperature that you can ensure for your little one, if not properly maintained, filters can release germs in the atmosphere. So remove and wash the filters regularly.
  • Avoid using toxic detergents and bleaches, which can cause irritation to baby’s respiratory system and headaches. Choose materials that don’t release toxic substances and are environmentally friendly. You can also find "recipes" for homemade detergents that you can easily make on your own by using materials such as vinegar, green soap, etc. Don’t use toxic air fresheners and insecticides, especially if you can’t thoroughly ventilate the room afterwards.

Even if you decide to place your baby’s crib in your room during the first months, it is important to have her room prepared before her birth (if there is an available place in the house). It is important for a baby to have her own room growing up. A friendly place to relax... made with your sensitivity and love!!