Babylino Sensitive. Award Winning Greek Diapers

When you want to choose a Greek diaper, how sure can you be about their origin? With Babylino Sensitive you can be sure! 

Babylino Sensitive. Award Winning Greek Diapers - Κεντρική Εικόνα

When it comes to your baby's care, there is no compromise. You want to be sure about your choice. You demand clear information and evidence. You choose products offering top absorbency levels, that respect the needs of baby’s sensitive skin thanks to their exceptional skin friendly properties, and reward your trust with a sincere and meaningful relationship with you.

For 40 years now, we at 100% Greek company MEGA SA, care for this trusting relationship with you, on a daily basis!


  • We respond daily to requests and consumers’ questions in complete honesty. It's the least we could do for you, who entrust us with the most precious thing you have in your life, your kids.
  • We are not just a Greek company selling products. We produce our products, such as Babylino Sensitive diapers, in our facilities in Athens.
  • With the help of a group of Greek scientists, we carefully select each raw material for the production of our products, ensuring the necessary certifications so as to be able to make promises for our products through evidence!
  • We conduct numerous researches with Greek consumers, so that we can meet your needs in with the best possible way.
  • We respect your needs and we try to really be there for you. Not only with top quality products, but also by carrying out various social responsibility programs, in order to support the Greek society.

Indicatively, we offer free medical care to infants and pregnant women in need and in collaboration with Doctors of the World. We offer medical equipment to Pediatric Hospital departments of the country, we cover for the third consecutive year the total annual needs of a Home in SOS Children's Village in Thessaloniki. We offer to all families who affected by the fires in Athens (2018), and have babies from 0 – 3 years old completely the baby diapers Babylino Sensitive for two years. In addition, we supported the Union "Together for the Child", covering the needs of Babylino baby diapers for all members of the Union and for the whole year 2018 while we donate thousands of diapers and baby products in institutions and social institutions nationwide.

  • And finally, we export our Greek products to 4 continents, supporting the Greek economy. Moreover, baby diapers are now ranked among the 60 most exportable products of Greece, mainly thanks to MEGA’s export efforts.


Because, when you select Greek diapers for your baby, you want be sure of your choice!


Babylino Sensitive. 100% Greek care!