Pregnancy and safety

Now that “you are carrying the most precious cargo in your life”, is the most suitable time to put the foundations for the beginning of an extraordinary process of evolution! However, if you still feel perplexed, worried and wonder about what is allowed and what is not during the pregnancy period, find here some tips for dos and don’ts as a start.

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  • Watch carefully and at regular intervals the progress of your pregnancy.
  • Adopt healthy eating habits.
  • Be sure to sleep comfortably and as much as possible, with the arrival of the baby in the house you must have already "recharged your batteries".
  • Integrate gentle exercise to your daily routine. This, will improve your fitness and endurance, which will prove valuable at the time of childbirth.
  • Always wear a seat belt when you are in the car.
  • Correct your body posture when standing.
  • Wear comfortable clothes made by skin-friendly materials and forget about high heels.
  • Limit transatlantic air business trips or pleasure travel.
  • Use cosmetic products of natural ingredients.



  • Avoid stress, anxious or pressured psychology, so that you keep a positive attitude on a daily basis.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and soft drinks; instead consume significant amounts of water, milk and fresh juices.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid unnecessary and long lasting mobile communication.
  • Do not get vaccines unless the need is urgent.
  • Do not pick up heavy objects, but always care to distribute all weights evenly.
  • Do not go through the airport control scan.
  • Do not use toxic cleaning products, paints nor pesticides.
  • Do not clean your cat's litter box.


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