First walk with your baby

A newborn’s first walk with its thrilled and excited parents, is really important not only for them, but for their little bundle of joy as well! Being well prepared, organized and proactive, is of high significance. Take things step by step and stay cool, but first and foremost be positive, your infant will discover the world of adults, with you as its guide.

First walk with your baby - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Tips for your first safe walk with your baby:

  • Select a sunny and warm day and not a hot one.
  • Choose a destination close to your own place, so that you can return home promptly if needed, without getting stressed.
  • You should decide on whether you will use a stroller or a sling. Try not to carry along extra accessories, they are an extra burden.
  • Ensure that your baby has eaten and slept well, so as to be in good mood.
  • Dress your little one with simple, comfortable clothes. Avoid clothes that do not open easily (in case you need to change a diaper).
  • Be sure to take along a well “equipped” mother bag (two disposable change mats for diaper change, baby wipes, tissues, 3-4 diapers, a diaper change cream, a second change of clothes, a hat, pacifiers, bottles with fresh water).
  • Do not forget the blanket, the 'nani' and the toy you put on the baby's stroller.
  • It is recommended not to have a meal on its first day out, so take into account your baby's feeding time.
  • Try not to get carried away even if you both enjoy your walk, even if your baby responds in an unexpected positive way... at this age your baby’s positive mood may turn into a negative nagging from one moment to the next. This is common at this age group (if you are sensible at the beginning, soon you will be in good tune with your baby and the length of your walks will soon increase from one time to the next).

Enjoy your walk and always keep in mind that each baby has its own pace, its own needs and “stamina”. Remember that every beginning is a new start and that during your first attempts, you will have to adapt to the needs of your little one. However, little by little, as it will be growing the dynamic will evolve...

We warmly welcome your “treasure” to the outside world!