A Greek brand with golden awards!

Your trust rewards our commitment to strive in order to create the top quality products. These top quality products are based on unique innovation and launched within Greek markets and across borders. We created the Greek Babylino Sensitive diapers with care and sensitivity, choosing unique skin-friendly materials, to offer not only absorbancy, but also real skin-friendly protection to the baby’s skin, always based on research and proves. Your reaction to all the above, was really warm and all this focused effort to substantially meet your needs, was proven by young parents’ preference to use Babylino Sensitive diapers, as the best choice for their babies. Thanks to your trust, Greek Babylino Sensitive diapers showed the highest growth in their category and were awarded with top distinctions.

A Greek brand with golden awards! - Κεντρική Εικόνα
  • 1st  award at the «Made in Greece Awards 2015»

MEGA’s S.A. product, Babylino Sensitive diapers won the First Prize in "Branded Greek Product / industrial products" category, at this year's «Made in Greece 2015 awards».
This important distinction, through rigorous evaluation criteria, shows that 100% greek baby diapers Babylino Sensitive, despite economic crisis, worthily representing the Greek innovation and development. 
Furthermore, Babylino is placed on shop’s shelves in 4 continents, while the category has taken its place at the 100 most exportable Greek products - mainly thanks to MEGA’s export activities.

  • Golden Award for “Sales and Market share increase  Self-Service Excellence Awards 2015

The distinction in the “Sales and Market share increase - Non food category” shows that despite the extremely difficult period of economic crisis, 100% greek baby product Babylino Sensitive, managed to make a difference. With constant investments in new technological equipment, excellent quality and innovation, managed to multiply its market share in a very short period, while strengthening its greatest increase in sales and share growth in the category of Non Food products foe the year 2015.

  • GOLDEN award for the category «Top Branded Export Product 2016».

Babylino Sensitive have confirmed the fact that innovation and quality can have a greek identity, but also an international passport, as those diapers are been successfully exported, in many countries abroad like: Italy, Algeria, New Zealand, Libya, Iran, France, China, Albania and in 4 continents in total.   
Babylino Sensitive baby diapers, were awarded the most prominent of all Export Awards, the "Gold Award for TOP GREEK EXPORT COMPANY 2016", after thorough evaluation, by the evaluation committee, along with the support of the public vote. Babylino Sensitive baby diapers, are now considered as one of the most exportable products of Greece, mainly due to MEGA’s S.A. exportable efforts. MEGA S.A. is a company that represents the increase in size, the growth 

A Greek brand with golden awards! | Babylino


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