10 changes while becoming a new mother

The arrival of every newborn baby, is the highlight of every woman who has decided to become a mom. Each newborn, however, does not only fulfil every woman’s life, but also changes many of her habits.

Let’s see what are the most important changes in the life of a new mother!


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  •  Sleeping Habits

It is inevitable that mother’s and infant’s biological clocks are synchronized with each other. Newborns tend to sleep sixteen to seventeen hours a day. However, newborns have no sense of time, or whether it is day or night; nor the needs or stamina of their parents ... So when you have some free time amongst feeding, washing and diaper changing, make use of it and benefit out of it. This means, take a power nap along with your baby!


  • Eating Habits

As long as you breastfeed, your eating habits should be such as for your baby to take all the range of healthy nutrients. You should minimize all “bad habits” meaning cafeine, alcohol, sugar. Even if you do not breastfeed, the relaxed, cool diners have turned into fast food meals, in between different kind of obligations and housework duties and chores.


  • Bath or Shower

It is all about an on going procedure; changing diaper, feeding, playing with baby, bath, lullabies and so on and so forth! Your baby needs you constantly, this is the reason why even washing your hair undisturbed might seem impossible. The following situation sounds really familiar; as soon as you start to relax under the warm water coming out of the shower, your little treasure becomes aware of your absence and starts asking for you, persistently. In order to deal with similar situations, you need to put a target as to have a 20-30 minutes break everyday. While your baby is fast asleep or while his father looks after her or him, you should take advantage of this period of time and do something you really relish.


  • Appearance

The time you used to spend in front of the mirror, before your outing, in order to match blouse and trousers, along with nail polish and scarf, are long bygone. Nowadays, you feel comfortable going around in tracksuits, without make-up and with loose, fuzzy hair; to make a long story short, this totally casual appearance matches the look for changing diapers and feeding your baby! Somehow, be cautious, do not forget that apart from being a mother, you are also a woman, you owe it to yourself and to your life partner.


  • Personal Time

Before the birth of your baby you used to be in charge of your daily schedule. Now everything revolves around your baby’s needs and looking after him/her. Having coffee with a friend, dinner with your partner, even reading just a couple of pages of your book, feels, when feasible, like a struggle. Therefore, try to manage your time properly by creating a daily schedule. In this way you can gradually shape much needed routines for the little one and ensure precious small slots for yourself.


  • Friends

Your best friend will always be cherished by you but now there is no time to chat incessantly and analyse any given topic in depth over a cup of coffee... However, your “besties” will have to support you on a practical and psychological level, whether they have children themselves or not!


  • Topic Discussions   

The discussion topics in the early days will regard mainly the baby: How much milk has he or she taken? How long does your baby sleep? How often do you change a diaper? How many baby wipes do you use per day? At what age does the first tooth appear? Does your baby make faces? Does he or she recognize you or not? and so on and forth. . . Adults’ discussions cease little by little. Everything that preoccupied your mind and interest at the pre-baby phase now seems to exist in another parallel universe. However, the “plain and flat” discussion topics, you are usually taking part in, should not be of your concern. It is just normal!


  • Entertainment  

Being a mummy 24hours per day is a really demanding job! Covering your baby’s needs can sometimes be a long and exhausting process for you, both physically and psychologically. You may have used to go out with your partner spontaneously either for diner, for a walk, in order to watch a movie, a play, or have a drink... Now, all you want is some rest; a good  long nightsleep, or at the outmost watch a movie in bed. It is a fact, you have changed level, you have entered the motherhood area. However, do not entirely sacrifice your personal freedom, this will turn out to become a "boomerang" both for you and your partner. A glass of wine at home, served with easygoing cheelout music, coming along with sweet words, is something that both your partner and you, need psychologically.


  • Love Affairs

The arrival of a new baby, disrupts the balance the couple had up to then. Furthermore, the new member inevitably affects the sexual life of the couple. The factors involved in the changes, are not only psychological but also biological. The woman's reactions may differ from those of a man. The important thing for the couple is not to become alienated by the “newcomer”. Mum and dad should remember their role as husband and wife, too.


  • Psychology

One minute you feel excited because your baby drank the whole bottle of milk into one gulp and the another minute you may burst into tears because your little one is crying and you do not know the reason why. Sometimes you may be uncertain, vulnerable, even exhausted, but do not worry! These small emotional swings are very common. In order to troubleshoot your changeable mood, make sure not to suppress what you feel, but to share those ups and downs with your partner or a close friend.

The changes are given, and it is normal to take time to get used to the new family status. You all need (father, mother, baby) to get to know each other, you need to create new communication patterns. The truth is that there is no recipe on how to achieve this. Every new little family has its own dynamic!

Have a nice start in the exciting journey of life, with crew on board, you and those passengers coming after you ...

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