33th week


Size of baby: 43 cm

Baby's weight: 2 kg

You have reached the 33rd week of gestation, your weight alone is enough to prevent you from walking comfortably, back pain becomes unbearable at times of the day and you feel more tired than ever. There is one answer to everything: Lie down and gently stroked the belly... Does now everything seems easier?

The baby's skeleton hardens and its skin is now smooth. Due to its increasingly growing brain of the baby, the perimeter of its head has increased by nearly 1.3 cm only within this week! The bones of the skull is still quite soft, which makes it easier for the baby to come out at the time of birth. Indeed these bones will not "join" completely until the child's early life, so that they can be flexible, as the brain and other tissues grown and expand during infancy and childhood.

33η Εβδομάδα



...The unconscious tendency you have to go on excessive shopping or doing many chores at home while actually you are feeling very tired and your barely stand on your feet (and so should be resting), isn't it something strange? Do not worry, it is a normal and it happens to many pregnant woman. The more you powerless you feel, the more the maternal instinct awakens in you! The need to have all details figured out before the baby's arrival, give you overstimulation like none before. This does not mean that you have to go to extremes though, because although the mind may run the body does not always follow, but rather keep your strength for the moment of labour!

A few weeks before giving birth, you may feel various swellings due to high water retention. The swelling of your breast, however, is not just swelling; it is also fatty tissue, so get a new, good and stable bra. It will relieve you a lot from the weight. You may also feel swelling and numbness at the fingers and wrist, however, resulting in increased pressure in the carpal tunnel. The nerves "running" through this "tunnel" of the wrist, may exhibit symptoms such as stinging, tingling, dumb pain and burning feeling. A temporary solution would be wearing a splint to keep your wrist steady and a small pillow under your hand for better support. If you must use your hand a lot and with duration, if, for example, you often write using a keyboard, make sure to make small breaks to stretch the fingers of your hand. However, if symptoms persist after birth, visit a specialist.

And now something useful for labour: Do you know what an epidural is? It is local anaesthesia, i.e., administered on the pregnant woman's back, when in the maternity hospital to give birth. I'll give you the pros and cons, so you can get an impression.

Pros: complete relief of pain (since the lower body is completely numbed), fully conscious and better collaboration with the doctor and his colleagues in the delivery room, lower blood pressure, better lung function

Cons: side effects such as dizziness, lightheadedness, chills of the pressure drop, tremors, headache after anaesthesia. However, these generally last just a few hours.



Are you ready to pack your "maternity suitcase?" Perfect! Start by making a list of what you need. Take your partner, your mother, your girlfriends and head for the shops! Beware! Do not spend money on useless items! Well, read some basic items that you will definitely need: for you (2-3 nursing bras, cotton t-shirts, a robe and nightgown -or pyjamas-, underwear, socks, slippers and comfortable shoes, as well as clothes for your return home -something comfortable). Also, you'll need a full toiletry bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, wipes, moisturiser, sanitary napkins, and even a blow dryer and rubber bands for hair as well as face and bath towels. For the baby, onesies, socks, pyjamas, a cap, towels, baby wipes, diapers, of course, and a blanket too. And of course, do not forget to get a... camera with you!

Have a pleasant week... and enjoy getting prepared!

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