32nd week


Size of baby: 42 cm

Baby's weight: 1.8 kilos

32nd week and it is time to prepare for mommy duties! Go for it! The baby is fully formed. Its lungs and digestive system continue to grow, but will finalise in the coming weeks. The kicks are even stronger. Ouch! Now it is big enough to occupy a lot of space in your uterus. You gain about 500kg per week of which approximately ½ goes straight to your baby. Now it has nails on its tiny hands and toes and a little more hair.

32η Εβδομάδα



...In order for your blood to catch up with your and your baby's increasing needs, its volume has increased by 40-50% since you got pregnant? Yes, the very nature of each woman provides for and contributes decisively in this case too to helping you have a good and healthy pregnancy, from A to Z! Don't you feel the wonder inside you already?

Instability was added to all the above too. It is reasonable, since you have gained more weight, and the centre of your weight has changed, and the baby is moving all the time and fazes you. Okay, this will go away too. Just be careful when you sit, when you get up, when you hold, when you take a bath when you go out... in general, be careful in whatever you do. Exhaustion is also added from the constant "work" of your body, but we do not give up! ...We eat well, eat healthy, eat regularly. We drink water, lie down on the left side, walk slowly and think positive!

We visit our doctor of course (once every fifteen days now). And indeed, this week a new ultrasound awaits you, the known vessel Doppler, which you will have at a specialised foetal ultrasound centre. This particular test checks the blood circulation in the umbilical cord and the two uterine arteries, to determine if the placenta is fed properly.

Now that it's still just you and your unborn baby (and your partner of course), try to "gather" as much sleep as you can, because sleepless nights are not far away. This is also a gift that your newborn baby will bring you. I know, it's hard to have a good sleep when you feel shortness of breath and heartburn. Tip: do not eat heavy before going to bed! And try to find a solution using... a pillow as your ally. Up, down, back... You will somehow find a comforting position, so you can hopefully close your eyes more relaxed. And your partner can help you with a nice back massage.

And since we mentioned the partner, have you thought whether you want him to be present at birth? The decision is yours, as childbirth is a very personal experience. Many women feel secure having their partner beside them and prefer to see a very familiar face close to them at that time, while others consider the presence of their partner in the room as something inconvenient and embarrassing, and stressful too. Anyway, it's a good time to think about it and discuss it with him. Hear his opinion too and to make a choice together.


This is the right week to make a file about relatives, friends and acquaintances who say they want (and can) help you when the big moment comes. Create a list with their names and write next to each one what could they be useful with. Note telephones and addresses, to have it handy. Then let them know that you will need them for specific things. Do not forget (for God's sake) to thank them for their good intention (even if in the end they will not be able to be of service when the time comes; it's the thought that counts)!

Have a pleasant week... and enjoy making lists!

32nd week | Babylino


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