31th week


Size of baby: 40 cm

Baby's weight: 1.6 kg

You are getting closer and closer to your due date! Time flies, doesn't it? The closer you get to the much-desired date, the more you will sense the needs of your body and your baby. It can also now feel you more! It now can turn its head right and left, it can move its hands - feet and its body is now more plump. Kicks, punches, you get a little of everything all day long -and all night long! Tumbles (a sign of health!) make wake you from your sleep, but never mind, it's worth it, right?

31η Εβδομάδα



...Some contractions you are feeling in your tummy have a name? Indeed they do! They are called Braxton Hicks contractions and they are perfectly normal! These are contractions that occur from this time onward, they last almost 30 seconds to 1 minute and they are painless! They are often the result of the baby's high mobility or occur after sexual intercourse or even if the bladder is full. These particular contractions are not rhythmical and do not increase in frequency. Keep that in mind! They are often misinterpreted as signs of preterm labour, but that's not true. Do not panic, only if you notice that the contractions increase and become intense. In this case, do not hesitate to inform your physician immediately.

During this time you may also notice some... fluid leaking from your breast. It is a yellowish, creamy substance called colostrum and differs from mature breast milk (which you will have after birth) both in composition and in form. Colostrum is an ideal first food for your baby, as it is rich in antibodies that enhance protection of the infant's system and protect it from infections. It is often misunderstood by mothers who think that this is the milk they will give later to the baby and get scared because it is a little thin. Do not worry, it's exactly what your baby needs! Colostrum may possibly stain your bra or even your clothes, so buy some breast pads and place them inside the bra to absorb the quantities of liquid.

Does you carry twins? We admire and applaud you! In a twin pregnancy, the intensity of symptoms is also nearly doubled. Nausea and vomiting, back pain, frequent urination, constipation, swelling of the lower extremities, great weight gain (this is indeed double), fatigue, drowsiness, etc., become more intense. The two embryos are also highly sensitive (in everything), as they "share" the same space. That's why you have to be twice more careful during pregnancy and if you notice something that is not as it should be, consult the doctor immediately. But let's see the bright side... A double gift for the parents, and double, of course, happiness in the end!


Yes, it's time to take care of the room for your baby! When you first enters the room, you will want everything to be clean and tidy. Therefore, now wash its clothes, its onesies, its pyjamas, its socks. You can also wash the towels and bed linens for its bed. Arrange the cleaning supplies and diapers on a special shelf. Removed the fabrics that can cause sensitivity to the baby's skin or contain hazardous chemicals. Sanitise the area and, of course, hung its toys!

Have a pleasant week... and enjoy tiding up!