30th week


Size of baby: 38 cm

Baby's weight: 1.2 kg

You have reached the 30th week, a little more patience and will finally hold your baby in your arms! Its skin is now smooth and rosy. The baby's subcutaneous fat helps it regulate its body temperature. Its vision continues to develop, even though it will keep its eyes closed after birth for some time during the day. When it opens them, it will respond to changes in light but will have a 20/400 vision, which means it can only see objects that are a few inches from its face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20). For many months, the placenta supplies the baby with all necessary nutrients through the umbilical cord. The main production of red blood cells now takes place from the bone marrow. When the baby comes into the world it will be independent, since blood cells will carry the oxygen it needs through the bloodstream.

30η Εβδομάδα



...Until you give birth you should learn to live with the itch you feel on your tummy? It's the well known itch of the 7th month! Your uterus has grown and reached a few inches below the navel. The skin has stretched for good and it "pulls"! Totally normal... Try not to scratch your belly, because scratching will make itching worse! Instead, take a warm (not hot, more like luke warm) shower with essential oils and use a gentle body cream with vitamin E for proper moisturising and nutrition of the region. Itching can extend to the arms and thighs too, and even between the fingers. Apply moisturising cream and try to relax, it helps!

Your sleep will be affected during this week too. It is more common to have insomnia. And that because of frequent urination. The uterus presses on the bladder and... you must go right away! What you can do is try drinking the daily amount of fluids that you need until 8-9 in the evening, avoiding sweet drinks such as tea. It will go away, there will come a week that you will sleep, don't worry! The position that you will choose will help you sleep well. Prefer the left side, as you will feel more relieved, as long as there is pressure in the veins of the abdomen. Also, maybe the diaphragm is in a better position and you can breathe more comfortably.

Emotional ups and downs this week too with your hormones sky-rocketing! It is normal to worry so much about childbirth, and about what comes next... All new mommies feel this way. If you notice, however, that your feelings are becoming more intense and you even have a tendency for depression, talk immediately to your doctor. Do the same, if your partner says so too. Trust a "second" opinion (and much dear one) who lives with you every day... It's for your own good.


It is really cute taking the older brother out for shopping, with the intention of getting a welcome gift for the new family member! Let your child choose what kind of gift that would be, whether it would be clothes or a toy and head to the proper shop. There you will find a variety of items, so give him the opportunity to see and choose the one that is more appealing to it! This will be the gift it will give to the baby on the day they will meet and get acquainted for the first time... Do not forget of course to buy now a gift for it in return, something symbolic so that it won't get jealous, from the mother to the oldest child..

Have a pleasant week... and enjoy getting gifts!

30th week | Babylino


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