28th week


Size of baby: 35 cm

Baby's weight: 1.1 kg

Congratulations! The third and final trimester starts this week! Do not neglect yourself. Wear beautiful maternity clothes, comfortable shoes, take care of your skin. Your hair are at their best. You look stunning! No one wants to have preterm labor, so we all are very careful during this period. Perhaps, though, it is comforting to know that the baby is now so strong that even, if born prematurely, it would have good chances to survive.

With the developing vision, it can see the light that filtered through your womb. It also develops billions of neurons in the brain and adds fat on its tiny body, because it gets prepared for life in the outside world.

28η Εβδομάδα



.... That impulse you often have when you lie down at night to move your feet, has a name? Yes, it has, it's called "restless legs syndrome" (RLS) and many pregnant women experience it! Maybe get the known "stinging feeling", numbness, tingling, and sometimes even pain. Symptoms vary depending on the case, but the result is the same in almost all cases. Disorder of origin, duration or quality of sleep. In plain words? It doesn't let you sleep a bit! The doctor cannot do much during pregnancy, other than to recommend a conservative palliative treatment, such as exercise and stretching legs.

Between the 28th and 36th week, you will need to visit the doctor every two weeks. One month before your due date, the visits will increase to once a week. Depending on the progress of your pregnancy, and risk factors, your doctor may recommend you to repeat a blood test for HIV, as well as for syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Also, if high levels of glucose have been detected in blood, you may soon have a (3-hour) glucose tolerance test. In addition, he will examine you for possible signs of preeclampsia, urinary tract infections, and will also perform a general gynaecological check of the cervix.

In this phase, the psychological support you can get from the doctor and his staff is very important. Talk to him about how you feel, how he sees the development of your pregnancy, how you can welcome the new member to the family, even about sexual intercourse with your partner. It is possible to feel anxiety, fear of the unknown, even a pervasive and inexplicable melancholy, do not be afraid to express your feelings to him.  Learn from him about the baby, how is it, how much does it weigh and what's its size, how it moves and what position has it taken, even what it might understand and feel. From now on, you might be asked to count the baby's movements from home so that you familiarise yourself and be able to tell if something is wrong.



This week, you can choose a paediatrician for your baby! Gather names, phone numbers and addresses of paediatricians from your friends, from relatives, but also from your doctor. The main criteria that the paediatrician of your choice should fulfil, include accepting your health insurance, is being available and working during the hours that fit better your schedule, but also having a praxis that you can easily visit with the child. What about making the first appointment for a first acquaintance with them?

Have a pleasant week... and make good choices!

28th week | Babylino


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