27th week


Size of baby: 34 cm

Baby's weight: 1 kilo (or a bit more)

Our baby has turned 1... kilo! You can celebrate it with it, it can feel you! Now, it sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, opening and closing its eyes and sucking its fingers. As the days go by and you slowly enter the last trimester of pregnancy, the baby occupies more and more space in the womb. It brain is much more active. It also has great mobility, something expected and healthy. Although its lungs are still quite immature, if we could imagine it was born now, they could function to some extent!

27η Εβδομάδα



....Red peppers contain almost twice the vitamin C of an orange? So go to the greengrocer, get a good supply of fresh bright red peppers and use them in your daily diet, complementary with other vegetables and fruits. You can consume them raw in salads or even grilled or boiled in sauces. Generally, raw vegetables "retain" the best nutrients compared to cooked. On the other hand, cooked ones are better digestible. Try alternative ways and will surely find one that suits you!

The second trimester ends, but some new symptoms could not be missing. The uterus puts pressure on the veins that carry blood from the legs to the heart, but also on the nerves of your body. And this gives us.. cramps in the calves! Try to stretch your leg forward and then bend the fingers slightly to the front, to the tibia; it is quite comforting! We will not lie to you, cramps may become stronger as weeks go by. Perhaps more frequently at night, and during the day there will be several moments that you will feel the cramps... coming. Maybe you should benefit from the situation to enjoy a nice massage from your partner, when this happens?

For the end we have left something pretty serious, which you should pay special attention to. With all this mild pain you have, all these strange, and mostly unknown, emotions you experience, many times you may get confused about whether what you feel at that moment is normal or not.

Therefore, we give you some... hints, so that, when facing the above symptoms, you may not overlook them, but inform your physician immediately. Depending on your health history, the state of your pregnancy so far, and the week of pregnancy you are in, they may be considered more or less urgent.

Here we go then...

If you notice/feel before the 37th week of gestation: pelvic pressure (a feeling like the baby is pushed down), cramps or abdominal pain like on your period or more than 4r contractions in an hour, increased vaginal discharge, blood stains or dark mucus.

If at any time during pregnancy, you notice/feel: the baby moving or kicking less than usual, some persistent abdominal pain, burning feeling during urination, persistent vomiting accompanied by fever and chills, blurred vision, or "seeing bugs", numbness and difficulty in speaking, severe swelling around the eyes, rapid weight gain (more than 8 pounds per week), unequally swollen limbs, shortness of breath, diarrhoea that lasts more than 24 hours, intense itching all over the body.

Possibly some of these symptoms demonstrate a simple viral infection, but how can you be sure? Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor, he knows better and if it is not something serious, he will reassure you.


It's time to think about whether and where you can take painless childbirth courses. These "courses" will help you to better prepare for the birth of your baby, its care, and feeding. Beyond the specific relaxation exercises they will teach you, which you will find useful during childbirth, they will help to answer other questions, such as what happens during childbirth, how to maintain a good personal hygiene after childbirth, how to deal with the strong emotions the first time after giving birth, and much more! Ask your doctor, he will give you the directions about how to proceed.

Have a pleasant week... and enjoy your courses!

27th week | Babylino


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