13th week


Size of baby: 65 - 78 mm

Baby's weight: 13-20 grams

This week, look for...baby fingerprints! You will find them formed onto your baby's tiny hands. Its veins and organs are clearly more visible through the thin skin and the body has begun to cover the difference with the head, which is just 1/3 of the size of its body. If it's a girl, it will have more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries!

13η Εβδομάδα



...Your breast may already have begun making "colostrum", a fluid rich in nutrients that nourishes the baby for the first days after birth, before milk starts to flow they way it should? Yet, even though the delivery date may still be months away, your body has already entered the process, preparing your breasts to feed the baby!

Watch your diet and inform the doctor about the pounds you gain. He is the one to tell you how careful you must be... or if there is room for some more indulging! Protein, iron and calcium, however, should not be missing from your daily diet, as these are the three musketeers of your diet at this stage!

Protein: The target is 71 grams per day. You will find it in lean meat, eggs, and nuts, beans and soy products. Three servings a day is all right.

Iron: The target is 27 milligrams of iron per day. You will find it in red meat. If you are a vegetarian or intolerant to meat, you can get iron from vegetables, such as spinach, as well as legumes such as lentils.

Calcium: The target is 1.000 mg of calcium per day. You will find it in dairy products. Four small servings a day is a sufficient amount.


If you do not know already for 2-3 days now, it is time to know the sex of the child! Keep in mind, of course, that this will happen if the baby takes a position that will allow to show! It must allow you to see its genitals. Let's see how shy it will be in front of the doctor?

Many women in your place want to find out early, while others prefer to wait. The good thing about knowing early is that you have plenty of time to prepare mentally for the child's name, the clothes and the room, but also to prepare the relatives, and siblings (if you have other children already) about whether they should expect a little girl or a little boy to join them! If you belong to the second category and prefer to wait until birth, just inform your doctor promptly, because the baby's sex is distinguishable in a simple ultrasound! He should not spoil the surprise for you...

Really, how is your partner doing? How does he digest the whole process? Don't neglect him, even though it's you that goes through all this; but he too is anxious about everything going well. Moreover, this may be one of your best times as a couple!


And what would be his or her name??? Make a list of potential names for the baby. Start with your 10 most favourite names for your baby boy and baby girl. Ask your partner to do the same. You can get an official list and tick next to the names you prefer. Set some rules, if you want, about the names that would better be excluded from the list, based on your own experiences. What are the names that you both would note together? Have you already ended up to just two or three names and it seems a little easier?

Have a pleasant week ... and nice inspirations!

13th week | Babylino


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