12th week


Size of baby: 61 mm

Baby's weight: 8-14 grams

The gift of the 12th week is in your hands! ... Or better to say, in your uterus! The most interesting development this week: reflexes. The fingers of the embryo will soon start to open and close, toes will move, its eye muscles will strengthen and its mouth will make sucking moves. If you tip your tummy gently with your finger, the baby will feel that and tumble, although you may not be able to feel it. Its intestines, which have grown much now, move into the cavity of the abdomen and its kidneys begin to excrete urine. Meanwhile, nerve cells are multiplying rapidly. Its face now looks human beyond doubt. Its eyes have moved from the side to the front of its head and its ears are right where they should be. The baby's movements become more and more strong. The face the external genitalia have been formed.

12η Εβδομάδα



... Gums and teeth bleed more frequently and are very susceptible to diseases during pregnancy? Therefore you should not neglect their care! Let your dentist know about your situation, so that he may not use any medication and other prohibited substances. If he determines that there should be definitely some treatment done on the teeth or gums, you should postpone it until after the 12th week, except of course in case of an infection, whose non-immediate treatment could be harmful both for you and the foetus. From your side, proper daily care is necessary, using at the same time dental floss. Attention! Do not take any painkillers unless you have first asked your doctor.

The uterus has grown to the point that the doctor can now feel the top at the lower abdomen just above the pubic bone. Heartburn now is frequent (but perhaps a little less than before), as the uterus presses the stomach. The discomfort can range from mildly to intensely annoying. Headaches and periodic migraines may be added to the discomfort. Regarding the abdomen and breast, as well as legs, you may now see your veins becoming more visible than before. This happens, because blood supply has increased in these areas. So if you know that your mother has a problem, or is even prone to varicose veins, it would be wise to pay some attention and talk to your doctor.

You're one step away from knowing the baby's sex! Enjoy this time and in a few days you will get the answers you look forward to many weeks, in order to get together with your partner any works started for painting a pink or a blue room... Or perhaps you may need both colours? Do you think it's twins? But I guess you'd know this already!


It's time to make a budget for your baby! It's hard, but it's a good opportunity now that you are still just the two of you (and your partner) and have privacy. Calculate, in round figures, the cost of clothes, diapers, food (all categories), toys, toiletries and cleaning products, furniture and linens. Do not forget to count in also any expenses for visits to the doctor and any scheduled examinations needed. Sure, when the baby comes, the list will change (with the costs rising), but now is a good time to start saving.. for the future!

Have a pleasant week and... have fun budgeting and calculating!

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