9th week


Size of baby: 22-30 mm

Most probably you will not show yet, even though your pelvis has "stretched" a little. But you feel pregnant ... to say the least! Now that everything is in place, your baby is ready to rapidly increase its weight. The main parts of the body start to show, even though they will undergo many improvement stages in the coming months. Its tiny heart completes its dividing into four chambers and the valves start to form. The embryonic tail is completely gone. The external genitalia are in place but it cannot yet be distinguished whether it is male or female. We will know, of course, in a few weeks!

The eyes are fully formed, but the lids are tightly shut and will not open any sooner than the 27th week. There is still some time to go, but it's worth the wait! The tiny earlobes, mouth, nose and nostrils are better distinguishable. The placenta is sufficiently developed, in order to take over the critical job of producing hormones. 

9η Εβδομάδα



... It's time to hear the heartbeat of the foetus? Indeed! After a visit to your doctor and with the help of another ultrasound and Doppler stethoscope you will be able to hear its heartbeat beating with about 145 per minute! A tachycardia normal for the foetus sounding a bit like horses galloping. However, these are not horses ... it is your baby that is on its way!

Your mood is at a full orbit ... over the moon! Yes, it's true, though you may not understand it, but your mood can change any minute. It's the waiting, the fear for the unknown (if this is your first child), and all this play their part!

Even the fact that you have not yet announced to your boss that you are expecting a baby, is itself a stressful situation. When is the right moment to tell him? This depends on many factors and it's up to you to decide. Only you know when and how. An important reason for either telling or not is whether your pregnancy is problem-free or whether, on the contrary, you have had minor complications in the last weeks. In the first case, you just say it and get it over with! In the second case, you need to think twice, as it certainly crosses your mind to wait a little longer... However, approximately 36% of pregnant women out of the whole choose to announce the news at work after completing the first trimester, when pregnancy is well established and the risk of miscarriage has significantly reduced. You must keep in mind, of course, that during the first trimester you may also experience dizziness, cravings, nausea and vomiting, so... even if you want to hide the baby may tell on you in its own sweet way... And who knows, you might get rid of all this excessive workload assigned to you by your boss, as has statistically happened for 83% of the cases! When statistics talk for themselves, what else is there to say...



Start today a daily, so to say... "bonding ritual" with the baby! Spend five to ten minutes within the day to think only of the baby. The best time to do this is before going to bed and after just waking up. Sit quietly and gently rest your hands on your tummy. Emphasise on proper breathing and visualise your dreams for your baby, your intentions, even the walks you two will take! Try it tomorrow already. It works, I assure you!

Have a pleasant week ... and make happy thoughts!

9th week | Babylino


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