8th week


Size of baby: 14-20 mm

You have reached the 8th week! Patience, the best are yet to come and will be unique. You are about to live the most beautiful moments of your life, so smile and get ready for the miracle ...

The tiny tips of your baby's fingers and toes start to show. The eyelids almost cover its eyes, respiratory tubes extend from its throat to the developing lungs and the tail has almost disappeared. In the brain, nerve cells branch to connect with each other, forming primitive neural pathways. The external genitalia have not yet developed at the moment sufficiently enough to reveal whether you are carrying a boy or a girl. Your baby moves constantly, even though you cannot feel it. 

8η Εβδομάδα



... At this stage of your pregnancy, haemorrhoids may occur as a result of constipation? First of all, ask your doctor, whether the iron supplement he has prescribed you is to blame for the problem and, if necessary, change it. He may even prescribe you a preparation to relieve you. Keep in mind that cold water in the area is quite comforting. Also, you should try to have regular bowel movements on a daily basis. This may be assisted by a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables (like plums, kiwis, tomatoes, etc.), fibre (cereals) and cold milk (or yoghurt with probiotics).

If you work and keep going to work, follow the tips below that will help you cope with difficult everyday routine.

Make small breaks and put your feet up or walk for a while. This facilitates blood circulation and reduces swelling of feet and ankles. Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There are also special socks that help pregnant women with swelling, and even varices. Drinks a lot of water and eat regular small and nutritious snacks. This will help a lot with morning sickness too. Cut down your stress. If you can not eliminate it, try to find ways to manage it, as through relaxation exercises, even through yoga for pregnant women. Get all the help offered to you. Do not say "no" to your colleagues. If they can help you, why shouldn't they?

Do you wonder how you can be nicely dressed at work but without spending a fortune on maternity clothes? For the first 3 months of pregnancy, expectant mommies can generally wear their usual clothes. Shortly after that, while you will still not showing, but will just look like a little more plump, you can buy some shirts, cotton t-shirts, stretch skirts or pants with elastic waist and combine them smartly. Trust us, they'll think that they see you with a different outfit every day. You will surely, however, need new underwear especially bras (cotton, stable and comfortable) for larger breast size! This does not sound bad at all... What do you think? Do not need to change your style radically during pregnancy. By maintaining your style, you will in anyway feel more confident. Do not forget that women during pregnancy look more feminine than ever... and this is obvious!



And this raises the big question in your mind ... Do you tell your boss that you're pregnant or not? Write the pros and cons of each decision on a piece of paper, depending on the nature of your work, whether it is important for you to stay at this job (or quit it), what would be the potential "consequences" of your absence from work, what financial rewards you get in each case, how your colleagues will face you and if you think you can count on them, whether you prefer waiting to announce it at the 2nd trimester and other relevant issues. The decision is important and is for you to take. We just hope that you take the decision that will make you feel more relaxed!

Have a pleasant week ... and take the right decisions!