6th week


Size of baby: 2-4 mm

You may be at the 6th week of your pregnancy, but your baby is actually a 1 month old foetus! Just one month from the day of conception and so much have happened. So, here we go:

Major developments during this week. The nose, mouth and ears of the baby have begun to shape. If you could see inside your womb, you'd see a large head with dark spots, that is where the baby's eyes and nostrils start to form. Its tiny ears are like small cavities on the sides of the head, its hands and feet look like flower buds! Its heart beats 100-160 times a minute, that is almost two times as fast as yours, and blood starts to make its way through its tiny body. The intestines are developed and the tissue to form its lungs, has already appeared. The pituitary gland is formed, like the rest of the brain and muscles at an early stage, as well as bones.

6η Εβδομάδα



....The mood swings you are experiencing are a result of hormones fluctuating due to pregnancy? One day you may feel happy and need to be with a lot of people and the next day you may not want to see a soul! You may feel like a split personality, but it is normal, do not worry. Your life is about to change anyway, so start getting ready to embrace those changes!

If you already have one (or more!) children should start preparing them for the new baby that is coming. If the child is too young, it may only understand that a baby is born, when it sees your tummy getting noticeably big, or when you bring the baby home! If it is able to comprehend, you must figure out the best time and way to tell your little one that you are pregnant. Start reading books about babies and siblings and then tell it, in simple words: "Some day you too can have a little brother or a little sister" or "at this very moment a baby grows inside mommy. So you will have a little brother or sister by spring time".

Remember that young children do not have much sense of time. Do not be surprised if, while you talk about the new baby, it shows you how well it can jump off the couch! It is interested, but it just needs a little more time to understand what is really happening.

Listen to its ideas and let the child express its feelings towards you and the news you have just announced and then conclude with a tender question: .... "Do you want to give me a biiiiiig hug?" Listen to its ideas and make it understand that you love and accept it no matter how it feels.


Allow your partner to become part of the game of announcing the news to your older child! He may indeed want to participate but not know how, so you needs a little help to find his "role". Now is the time, for dad and "older" child to bond more, build (if they have not already done so) their own unique relationship with their favourite habits and playtime. Nature prepares a woman to become a mother for a duration of whole nine months. A woman then must help her partner becoming a father. Ask for his help, tenderly and lovingly. Because pregnancy is a.... family affair (even though it is out tummy that looks like that of Obelix!)

Have a pleasant week ... and have fun announcing!