8th month of development

The eighth month ...

8ος Μήνας

What it can do by the end of the 8th month of its life:

  • It can crawl. Some babies do not crawl but go straight to walking.
  • It can hold out its hand to reach an object that is away from it.
  • It can support its body weight on its feet when you hold it upright.
  • It can stand on its own for a while in seated position.
  • It passes the toy it is playing with from one hand to the other.
  • It starts recognising familiar persons and becomes touchy with strangers.
  • It starts complaining when it does not see its mother or its caregiver.
  • It holds out its hands for you to take it in your arms.


Attention! All children are different from each other and each one has its own growth rate. The development stages described are based on the average rate. Do not worry if your baby deviates from this average. If however you do notice something worrying in its development, contact your pediatrician.

8th month of development | Babylino


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