7th month of development

The seventh month ...

7ος Μήνας

What it can do by the end of the 7th month of its life:

  • It can eat a biscuit on its own.
  • It makes a prrr sound (it makes this liquid sound).
  • It can sit without any support.
  • It can turn over on its own, back and forth.
  • It can begin to crawl.
  • It can grab and shake the rattle.
  • It starts realising that it is a separate entity.
  • It can hold a spoon, but cannot use it.
  • It recognises its feelings and realises that it has different needs. For example, it can understand when it is hungry and when it feels lonely and express it in such a way that helps you understand what exactly it wants.
  • It can turn its head when they call it with its name.
  • It cannot understand the meaning of the words “no”, “don't” and “danger”.


Attention! All children are different from each other and each one has its own growth rate. The development stages described are based on the average rate. Do not worry if your baby deviates from this average. If however you do notice something worrying in its development, contact your pediatrician.