4th month of development

The fourth month ...

4ος μήνας ανάπτυξης

What it can do by the end of the 4rth month of its life:

  • It laughs loudly.
  • It is shouting with joy.
  • It observes everything happening around it, it explores its surroundings and discovers new things it can do with great enthusiasm.
  • It seems to enjoy the bath time and the time when you speak to it.
  • It shows its excitement by kicking its legs and moving its hands and by laughing loudly.
  • It enjoys human company.
  • When in prone position, it lifts its head at 90° and can turn it right - left.
  • It can rest on its hands and lift its breast when in prone position.
  • It can hold out its hands to reach an object.
  • It can grab a rattle in its hand.
  • It discovers that its hands and feet are its own and plays with its fingers.
  • It can hold several items in its hands for a few moments.
  • It makes many small sounds.


Attention! All children are different from each other and each one has its own growth rate. The development stages described are based on the average rate. Do not worry if your baby deviates from this average. If however you do notice something worrying in its development, contact your pediatrician.

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