2nd month of development

The second month ...

2ος Μήνας Ανάπτυξης

What it can do by the end of the 2nd month of its life:

  • It can focus on the face of its parents and observes it when they are talking to it.
  • It feels the need to be secure, namely to feel that someone takes care of it.
  • It watches objects moving in a semicircle at a distance of 75 cm above its face.
  • It smiles back when you smile.
  • It reacts to intense sounds by crying, showing tremor or remaining silent.
  • It expresses itself in other ways, besides crying, e.g. rumbling.
  • It keeps its head stable for a little longer.
  • It explores the possibilities of its voice, makes small screams and sounds.
  • It can understand that you are talking to it and makes sounds in response, as if it is talking too.
  • It kicks its legs intensely.
  • It stretches and bends its fingers, hands and legs spontaneously without controlling them.
  • It can hear sounds and voices and reacts by making sounds itself.


Attention! All children are different from each other and each one has its own growth rate. The development stages described are based on the average rate. Do not worry if your baby deviates from this average. If however you do notice something worrying in its development, contact your pediatrician.