Infant growth and stimuli for communication

Creșterea sugarului și stimulii pentru comunicare - Κεντρική Εικόνα

0-6 months

  • Offer your baby love, affection, constant physical contact, warmth, hugs, caresses and sweet words. Make it feel safe, cared for and warmth.
  • Dedicate all your attention to it! When you are together, talk or sing to it... when changing its diaper, when you are bathing it, at mealtimes, on your walks, in the car, when travelling, shopping. Use simple and clear expressions and address your baby by its name from day one In this way, your baby will feel that it is surrounded by people who love and care for it and will feel confident and secure.
  • Observe your baby's reactions and expressions... when it is upset and when it is happy... and try to interpret its behaviour. Respond whenever it tries to communicate with you! It is a myth that babies are spoiled when you give them attention... quite the opposite! They feel safe and happy.
  • Be sure that the most interesting thing for your baby at this stage is exploring your face. Make funny faces and play with it, talk to it face to face, imitate the sounds it makes to show it your interest.


All this will make it feel well and happy!



6-12 months

Your baby has now begun to grow and develop its motor and verbal skills impressively fast.

  • Take time to play with it. Encourage it to stretch to catch various objects. Try to dance with it to the sound of music, to teach it how to move to the rhythm or clap its hands.
  • Now your baby is at that stage of muscle development where it begins to control and coordinate its movements. Help it by giving it toys, so that it can learn to hold them with one or both hands. It will love learning how to use its body, how to sit and how it can reach for its favourite items on its own now.
  • It has now begun to perceive sounds from its environment, react to them and try to identify them. Talk to it, sing to it, tell it beautiful poems, call it by its name... you will be surprised by its reactions.
  • Tell it simple little words and encourage it to repeat them after you. Your baby is beginning to make sounds in response to your words, trying to control the power of its voice and is articulating its first small little words, such as "dad" and "mum". Encourage it to speak, spend time with it, ask it things, tell it simple little words and you will be surprised at how quickly your little one will start repeating them and connecting them with the corresponding objects.



With the generous contribution of the paediatrician Dr. Michalis Sarris.

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