A safe home for your newborn baby

A paediatrician can reassure you about how important it is to make some changes in your home when the new family member comes. A home is full of dangers for a small creature. Parents worry that someone may want to harm their child, that another child may accidentally injure it or that there may be an accident on the swings and do not realize how many dangers lurk in their own home.

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According to research, a much larger proportion of children are injured at home than outside. However you should not worry, since, using some simple and practical tips, you can ensure that your child will not be in danger of potential injuries. Therefore, to create a safe environment for your baby, you should first know where the main risks of injury to the child lie and try to protect it. The most common risks are those of choking, burns and poisoning.

The needs and has risks a child may face in its home differ at every age. For example, when your baby is born, you will not worry about whether it might fall from some place where it tried to climb or whether it might put something that it found on the floor in its mouth, as it is not yet able to crawl and climb on furniture.

With newborns, you will first need to be careful with risk factors that concern not only the child but also you. You should frequently check the heaters in your home to check that they are working properly and present no malfunctions. Specifically, you should check the dryness of your radiator, air conditioning unit and fireplace. The water heater should not be above 48 degrees Celsius.

To prevent and address a potential fire, your home should be equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Ensure that the lamps and lights in your home do not come into contact with fabric and anything else that may create an unwanted fire.

As your baby grows, you will have to get special latches for the drawers and cupboards in the house, to prevent your child from opening them and coming into contact with sharp objects or detergents.

Of course, you need a first aid box in your home. This box should include medications, bandages and whatever else may be necessary if your baby needs first aid. Obviously, you should be very careful with medications, check their expiration date, and read the instructions. It is also important to have an emergency phone number and the phone number of the poison centre at an easily accessible point, for example on the refrigerator door.

When bathing your baby, you should be very careful to ensure that it does not slip and suffer an injury. To avoid this, buy a small bathtub, specially designed for babies, which should be non-slip.

You also need to be very careful about where the baby sleeps. Do not let it sleep alone in your bed if you are not there. There is a danger of that it may fall. Cribs are specially designed so that the baby cannot get out when it is still very young. Clearly, you have to be very careful with all your home furniture. There are special protective devices for the corners of furniture. It is also necessary to hide any sharp objects or ornaments in this area.

When your child is still a few months old, things are easier because it does not crawl and is less likely to get hit. Therefore all responsibility as to whether the child will be safe lies with you. As new parents, it is natural that you will be anxious and afraid, but not necessary. All you need to do is to make the interiors of your home suitable to accommodate a baby and give it the necessary attention.

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