When the baby cries

When your baby cries, you will feel sad and panicky.

But you should remember that crying is the only way your baby can communicate in its first months of life!

Το κλάμα του μωρού

So when your baby is hungry, drowsy or feels pain, it expresses it ...by crying! Try to understand why it is crying. First check if you need to change its diaper, or if it is likely that it is hungry (depending on how much time has passed and how many ml it ate at its last feeding).

Calm your crying baby. Take it in your arms, caress it, then gently massage its soles, sign it a lullaby, or put on some soft rhythmic music. Give it warmth.

When the baby's crying is intense, continuous and persistent, it is probably in pain or sick. In this case, consult your doctor.

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