Nail cutting

Baby nails grow very quickly and can be quite sharp. 

Κόψιμο νυχιών

They may often cause scratches and injuries to the eyes and face of your baby, so you should keep them short. For new parents, nail cutting is considered a very difficult process.

The difficult part is trying to keep your baby still and not scare it to make any abrupt move. You can cut its nails after bathing, when they are much softer or when it is asleep. If you decide to cut its nails while awake, ask your partner to help you by holding the baby in his arms.

Use a pair of scissors with rounded edges, specifically designed for babies and children and cover all fingers with your palm, leaving only the one with the nail you will cut. The first few weeks nails grow very quickly and you may need to cut them two or three times a week.

The toenails, grow more slowly and are thinner. Do not cut the nails too short. Leave at least one millimeter length.