During the first month of its life, your baby will sleep most of the day. However, from the beginning of the second month it will start being awake for longer periods in the day. Meals will gradually become less and perhaps it will start skipping its night meal to sleep more hours in the night.


Even when your baby stabilizes its sleeping hours, it my still be restless some times. Some babies this age confuse day and night and thus sleep more during the day.

To prevent this habit, help it sleep as soon as possible after it wakes up at night. Avoid turning on the light, talking and playing with it in the night, and if you must feed or change it, try to disturb it as little as possible.

Thanks to their specially designed core, the new Babylino Sensitive diapers will absorb moisture for several hours so that your baby may enjoy its sleep undisturbed.

If it has restless sleep, allow it to express itself even if this means that it has to cry for a few minutes. Make sure, however, that its crying is not due to hunger or pain.


With the generous contribution of paediatrician, Mr Michael Sarris.

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