The diaper change: a unique opportunity to communicate with your baby

Changing diapers may seem at first a rather difficult thing to do with such a tiny little body... Soon, however, you will find that it is really simple! You will change your baby so many times during the day that this will soon simple for you.

Βρεφική Πάνα

Diapers must be changed regularly, about every 3-5 hours and certainly immediately after pooping, because if poop stays in contact with the skin for several minutes it can cause irritation.

Frequent diaper changes and careful cleaning of the area is very crucial to avoid irritation and for the proper hygiene in the area.

Babylino Sensitives are dermatological tested and designed with skin friendly materials, certified for absence of harmful substances (under Oeko-Tex® Standard 100). Thus they offer extremely high dryness, as well as confident, friendly protection to baby skin.

Use with Babycare baby wipes, which thanks to their softness and specially designed formula with herbal extracts (chamomile, aloe, cotton) will provide complete, gentle care to your baby.

A baby older than 10-months will probably resent having its diaper changed. Distract it from the change process, by giving it its favourite toy to play, or by bringing your face close to its own; whisper sweet words and songs and make it happy, showing your love even then.

From this stage on, you may find Babylino Pants Unisex slip-on diaper-pants more useful, as they allow you to change your little one while standing, without interrupting its play!

When changing diapers and after washing and applying cream on your baby's skin, leave it naked for a little while to allow the area to dry and absorb the cream.

Besides, it is a chance to let your baby play and move with complete freedom. It is a time all babies love!

The diaper change: a unique opportunity to communicate with your baby | Babylino


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