Toys for newborns

In the early months, before it learns how to hold objects or sit, your baby will value things it can observe with its eyes and sounds it will hear. Its vision will be initially blurred and will focus on things that are within a distance of about 20 to 35 cm from its eyes.

When about one month old it will be able to recognize your face while it will also enjoy persons in large pictures.
Shapes with sharp contrasts and bright colours will stir its interest, because they are easier to see. It has already learned to appreciate sounds and soft music (it is advisable to put it to sleep with a lullaby), while objects that move slowly and produce gentle sounds now become much more interesting than static and silent ones.

Παιχνίδι για νεογέννητα

Handhold toys: Its limited vision will make it appreciate anything that moves in its view. It will not be able to hold toys for some time, but will show its preferences by keenly watching what it likes.

Cd-player or music box: Music is one of the best ways to entertain and relax your baby. Let it listen to different types of music and see how it reacts.

Unbreakable mirror: Although at this age it will not realize that what it sees is its own reflection, your baby will find mirrors fascinating. Indeed, when about 3 months old, it may have developed a relationship with its idol and start smiling to it. Try to find a mirror that can be hung on the side of the crib or on its changing table.

Cloth books with bold designs: Cloth books with distinct patterns and pictures are specially designed for babies. Lie next to your baby so it can watch you as you turn the pages and read aloud - something that even at this age has its own value.

Games that develop the senses: A soft toy that whistles or plays soft music when pressed can become its favourite toy for the next few months of its life. The sounds produced every time it presses it will also help it realize that this happens with its hand.

Socks and wrist rattles: Wear a soft rattle on the wrist or ankle of your baby or rattle socks and allow it to indulge in endless hours of fun, as it experiments with its limbs and with these new sounds.

Rotating musical toys: Babies love soft music, so it is a good idea to hang a rotating musical toy somewhere it can watch its movements and listen to the sounds; indeed, your baby may be used to watching it for few minutes before falling asleep. Some times you can bring it closer, to allow your baby to play with it as long as it can see it without tiring its eyes. Avoid placing it just above its head; it's better that it meets its eye in a diagonal line.