Time is coming

You won’t believe how quickly the time will pass and the time to give birth will come! Take advantage of the time you have left, with the best possible way to help you also with the anxiety of the big moment. Do things that will help you relax, feel beautiful and calm. You can also get ready for the hospital and for your return home with your baby. To keep your mind and body busy, will not only help you to eliminate the stress of the big day, but it will also help you be proactive for at least the first few days of your return from the maternity.

Οι Μέρες Πλησιάζουν

We will give you some tips on how to make the best of these last few days at home before birth and feel ready for the arrival of your baby.


Prepare little things

As its room will probably be ready, it's time to wash and iron the clothes, linen and towels. Don’t forget that there is a wide range of products, with friendly design specifically for the delicate baby skin. Buy diapers and wipes, which will now be "essentials", but do not buy too many newborn sizes. Babies are born with different weight and they don’t have the same body type, so the diaper size might change quickly. You don’t want to spend money on a product that may not be used. Try the intercom, the kettle, the sterilizer or any other device you bought, so you will be sure it works when you need it.


Get ready for the maternity

The bag that you will take with you, should contain whatever makes you feel like home. Do not forget that many people will come to visit and congratulate you for your baby during your stay in the maternity. Of course, significant would also be to visit the hospital itself to get yourself familiar with the whole place and also to see the rooms! Find the fastest way from home to the hospital and also an alternative for any case. At this point, we should mention how important it is to have your cell phone always charged and have your doctors and the hospitals phone number handy, both you and your partner.


Prepare your home

As the days are approaching, hormones will tell you that it's time for general cleaning… listen to them! Get help and thoroughly clean the entire house. The first few days after your return from the hospital, you won’t have the time or mood to bother with anything else apart from your little treasure... in fact it’s the best way to welcome it to the house! Also visit the Super Market and prepare some meals that you will put in the refrigerator or the freezer. Cooking is a time consuming process and it would be better to avoid it for as long as possible, especially if you can’t have the assistance of a grandmother.


Treat yourself

If your doctor agrees, call a masseuse at home and indulge in relaxation and the stimulation of your circulatory system. It will help you feel better with your body, and stimulate your psychology. Do manicure - pedicure, waxing and make your hair. Prepare a bubble bath with aromatic oils and relax to the sounds of your favorite music. Sleep well! You should rest as much as possible. Sleep will help you be calm and relaxed for the big day and it is what you will miss the most with the arrival of the baby.


Prepare psychologically "to be a family"

If it is your first time, you won’t know what to expect for the birth. Surely you have spoken already with other moms that have kids or have read about what happens during childbirth, but the unknown always causes anxiety. Try to visualize the time of your birth. Ask your midwife and your doctor to tell what will happen even if something doesn’t go as initially planned for example if instead of giving birth naturally you need to do a cesarean. Try to be as prepared as possible. Visualizing the process will help to be calm and cooperative with your doctor to have the baby as fast as possible and painless. Try to imagine the moment you take your baby for the first time in your arms! It is no coincidence that all mothers tell you that as hard as the childbirth was, they forgot all about it when they took their baby in their hands for the first time.

If you already have another child spent time with him. If the age allows it make him understand about his sibling. Make him understand that as a bigger brother or sister should love, take care and protect his little brother or sister. Make him feel that he has a very important role in this whole process, so as not to feel neglected and suddenly walk-on in a role that until yesterday was the protagonist.

Talk to your partner. Talk to him about your fears for the time of birth. Let him tell you what he feels and what he fears. Help him understand how to support you and make you feel more secure about the big moment, that will change the lives of both of you forever. Don’t forget that you become a family now! It is a very important moment for him, even if he is only an observer until the moment he take this small miracle into his arms for the first hug!