First Days Postpartum

With the birth of your baby and your return home, your whole life changes; the feelings of affection and love will be so strong that you will feel the happiest woman in the world.


Very soon, you will recover from pregnancy and childbirth stress and your body will return to its normal levels. Even if you undergo a caesarean section, your surgical incisions will soon heal and you will be ready to actively undertake the wonderful and unique role of mother.

There is no need to worry if you experience some emotional swings; the changes in your hormonal system may cause you a little melancholy. Try to keep these emotions under control and do not let them overcome you. Imagine that is a completely normal stage after pregnancy and childbirth, and it does not happen only to you but to most mothers!

Enjoy your baby and try not to isolate yourself. When your baby is sleeping try to get some sleep yourself. There is no reason why you should get tired over housework at the same rate as before. You can be sure that you will have full understanding by your partner and your close friends and relatives, who will be happy to help you.


With the generous contribution of paediatrician Mr Michalis Sarris

First Days Postpartum | Babylino


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