Toddler development and communication stimuli (12+ months)

Ανάπτυξη μήνα - μήνα

Your little one is now perfecting the coordination of its movements. It stands, crawls very fast while it makes its first attempts to stand, supported by the chair, the table or dad's leg ...soon it will be able to walk. Give it toys that it can use for support, help it stand on its feet and encourage it to come where you are ...stand at close distance and open your arms to entice it to come near you ... Who could resist the sweet and warm embrace of mummy?

It has also developed significant capacity to perceive and react to stimuli. Give it toys and show it how to put them into boxes, give it papers to scribble on, to crumple, to tear, talk to it and help it repeat what you say ... at this age, they love imitating adults and trying to do what you do.