New mother and self-esteem

When motherhood comes to women from 20 to 50 years old, their age alone is not a parameter affecting their self-esteem. Nowadays, with school being compulsory until the age of 15, we can say that motherhood before 20 may cause problems in self-esteem, as the child can recover its professional and academic course, but also its individualization (adulthood).

Νέα μητέρα και αυτοεκτίμηση

Especially today, with the financial crisis, new parents may be challenged by economic difficulties in their ability to cope, especially when they start their families early. Usually, they seek help from their own parents and this is often perceived by young parents as a regression, a defeat in their efforts to become independent.

However, when the state fails to provide family support structures, it is only reasonable that they seek help from their family. Besides, a child requires enormous energy, exhausting its guardian, and it is a good idea that more adults are involved, when possible and if there are good relations in the family.

Another significant lack of state welfare, which again is covered by the paternal family, or other persons, is that when the baby arrives home from the maternity clinic, new parents have to learn for themselves a series of baby daily care practices, a care that is very special and that if someone does not have the relevant advice may feel inadequate and anxious.

Furthermore, the arrival of a child usually gives great joy to the extended family, however any time a new member arrives (or an old one leaves), the existing dynamics of relationships always changes. This means that the new couple has to go through a stage of adapting from a dyadic relationship to a triadic relationship. Mental maturity, the will for procreation, the assistance the new couple may have and other factors intervene to determine whether this passage will be happy or will cause problems in the couple's relationship, problems will, even temporarily, be a blow to their self-esteem.




Dimitra Stavrou

Psychologist / Dramatherapist

Research Associate SEC


New mother and self-esteem | Babylino


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