Postpartum is the period during which the body tries to gradually return, over a period of 40 days, to its pre-pregnancy condition. This is a transitional period during which many physical, and hormonal and psychological changes take place.


The puerperium

The puerperium is bloody fluid, discharged from the uterus, created by the injury caused by the separation of the placenta from the endometrium. It consists of blood, residues of the decidua, mucous and other cells of the uterus, epithelia of the cervix and vagina. At first it is haemorrhagic but it then becomes serous and mucous until it disappears, at the end of the postpartum period. By the 10th day already, it is significantly reduced. During this period, you can use special pads that offer protection from leaks and odours, and sensitive care to the skin. (www.sanisensitive.gr)


Proper postpartum diet

If you plan to breastfeed, you should start a diet rich in calories and protein. Otherwise, you can return to your pre-pregnancy eating habits. Your effort to lose your pregnancy weight (always with a balanced diet and never with crash diets) should ideally start after your first menstruation after childbirth. The reason is that after your first menstruation, the fluid retention, which was due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth, will decrease, and only then will you have a true "picture" of your weight and how this compares to what you consider ideal for your body. At the same time, it is advisable to keep taking iron supplements for three months postpartum.


Pamper yourself!

After nine months of pregnancy, your body needs a considerable time to recover. Your top priority during this period is to take care of your baby, but of yourself as well, through a balanced and healthy diet, rest and tranquility to gradually regain your pace.

Remember that your body is recovering from the overexertion of childbirth and that you should listen to its needs and not rush it to return sooner to normal. Walking and swimming are two of the best exercises you can start a few weeks after giving birth, so that you can gradually regain your form, always with the consent of your doctor.

Do not forget that exercise contributes to the secretion of endorphins, the hormones of joy as they are called, so apart from physical well-being, they will do a lot for your mood.

Also, do not forget to visit the section with the special fitness programs for new mothers, designed in collaboration with Heleni Petroulaki and the Asana gyms, which you can attend for free from your home!