Fitness Exercises

Are you a new mother, who just brought your little treasure into the world?

Ασκήσεις Γυμναστικής

Babylino Sensitive, in cooperation with Asana, have created 3 different exercise videos epsecially for you.

Select the program that suits you, regain your form, feel fit and strong and enjoy every moment with your baby! And all completely free from Babylino Sensitive!

Fitness programs with the support of Babylino Sensitive for new mothers

  • Anti-stress exercises for new mothers by Niki Petroulaki (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • Pilates Exercises from the 6th week to the 6th month postpartum by Alexandra Anastasopoulou (Certified Pilates Instructor)
  • Full recovery program from the 6th month postpartum by Heleni Petroulaki (Certified Personal Trainer)



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