The role of dad

The participation of the father in raising a child is equally important with his participation in its creation.

Ο ρόλος του μπαμπά

The role played by a father in raising a child is the combination of two factors: His intent and his available time.

The smooth (mental-physical) development of a child requires the involvement of both parents, even if one of them is more involved.

A father's role in raising children is more limited than the mother's, either because of stereotypes ("A man's role is not to raise children") or due to his increased obligations, which lead to reduced leisure time and physical - mental fatigue.

Nevertheless, it is important to strengthen the father's image in both the life and the mind of a child.

As in any field, so in the relationships between parents and children, “the detail makes the difference”. So there are small "steps" that a father can take to get closer to his child.