The Weekend Dad

Together in the weekend. The modern lifestyle and increased demands unfortunately leave little time for men to take care of their children.

Ο μπαμπάς του Σαββατοκύριακου

The weekend is freer in terms of obligations. This raises the dilemma: Should you rest and recharge your batteries for the week to come or run around for the children? The solution is somewhere in the middle.

Children need not only material goods but also the existence of their father. Invest in them, at least on weekends (excursions, eat together, play, watch a show etc.).

Recharge your batteries by having fun with your child.

Accept your role as a father and include your children in your concept of having a good time. Do not let days pass losing essential time with them. Time passes and at some point it will be them who will be trying to include you in their own program!

There is no reason to feel guilty for the time you spend away from your child. This is usually by necessity. Ensure that even the little time you spend together matters, and never see it as a chore.

Besides, there is a mother who wants to share her concerns about your children and needs to feel that you support her in upbringing the children you brought in the world together.