The dad is working

It is important for the child to know why daddy is away, where he goes and how it can find him. The child knows that you have to go to work every day.

Ο μπαμπάς δουλεύει

Explain your child that, in this way, you earn money in order to buy the things that you need.

Even a little child is able to understand it (“if the dad does not work, we would not be able to have food, clothes, toys and books”).

Your child may want to contact you, at some time during the day, in order to share with you some of its achievements.

  • Even when you are at work, talk to it for a while and promise to tell it more when you return home.
  • If you need to be away for several days, let your child know about it earlier and try to cover the direct communication by telephone (e.g. phone your child every night in order to ask it how it spent its day ... ).
  • Start having some habits in common. Tell it, every night, a story before going to sleep, go for a walk to a favourite place together, play together a game that it likes very much after the trip.
  • Get used to telling your news yourself. Inform your child about something special that took place at work or on the trip you made. Of course, do not burden your child with problems that it cannot understand and overcome.