The role of both sexes

Sometimes, the children upbringing is considered to be a responsibility of the mum. “The woman is intended for growing up the children” is a phrase that has been dominated for many years the perceptions of people and is, however, wrong. The dad's contribution to the child's creation is as essential as his contribution to the child's upbringing.

Ο ρόλος των δύο φύλων

Of course, there are differences in the obligations and the role of the parents, but the presence of both is, also, essential to the extent permitted by the each-time circumstances.

The absence of the dad may be restricted at home, in other words, the dad may be absent from home but not from the child's life. As the reactions of the children towards the divorce vary depending on the age and the cognitive and the emotional background, it is important to manage the situation in such a way so as to find a balance in meeting the needs and the desires of all family members. The fact that the mum has the custody means neither that her role is of “greater value” or that she can replace the role of the dad.


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