Perceptible presence of the dad

What if the dad is absent from home? How can he make his “presence” and not his “absence” perceptible?

Ο ρόλος του μπαμπά
  • The solution of the weekend. A walk, a movie, a favourite activity of the child, moments that you can share with it, if you spend a little time at the weekend when the thing are usually a bit more relaxing.
  • Presence at significant events. A poem in a celebration of the school, a match at some sport, the award of a prize are moments when your child needs the acceptance and the support of both parents.
  • Daily communication, even by phone, so that the child feels the interest of its dad.
  • Respect, spontaneity and freedom of movements are features that should govern every type of relationship. At the time you spend with your child, try to build a qualitative relationship. Make your child realise the message that you are available for it, whenever it will need you.