Second marriage

Many times, the issue of a second marriage comes to forefront. The reactions of the children may again differ.

Δεύτερος γάμος

Some children regard this issue as a “replacement” of their loved one and are strongly opposed to it. Some others do not have extreme reactions.

Depending on your age, the child's relationship with their parents, its character, its personality, the child forms an opinion, which we need to clearly listen to it and discuss it.

However, at this point, some limits should be set. The role of the mother is different than the role of the woman. It is not possible the child to determine the personal lives of the parents, because they have their own ones, their own different needs.

In order to be a “right” mum, you must feel mentally balanced and emotionally complete. We do not announce or impose the presence of another person to our child. We make conversations with it and try to build a “new family” based on the essential element of trust.

When parents have a common “plan” regarding the issue of the upbringing of the children, regardless of whether they come along with each other or they have a good understanding (albeit typical), the child feels more secure, expresses its thoughts spontaneously and it does not carry the burden of the responsibilities and the problems that do not concern it.