Children's skewer wrapped with chicken

Another meal that you can make on your own using raw ingredients of your choice. It is low in animal fat, rich in protein and contains vegetables and calcium. That is, everything a child needs as a snack or dinner.

Παιδικό σουβλάκι τυλιχτό με κοτόπουλο


  • 3 fillets from chicken thighs
  • 1 tomato
  • ½ yoghurt or 2 tablespoons home-made mayonnaise (see recipe)
  • 2 pitta breads or tortillas, wholegrain



  • Cut the chicken fillets into small cubes.
  • Grill them or cook in a non-stick pan, until the chicken meat becomes all white.
  • Heat the pitta breads. Spread yoghurt or home-made mayonnaise with a spoon along at the centre.
  • Slice the tomato and put some in the pitta bread with the chicken cubes.
  • Wrap well and shape the skewer as a narrow tube, so that it can be easily consumed by a child.

The nutritional information and recommendations on infant-toddler diet are indicative and refer to general guidance for this age group. Time that every child can be introduced to solid foods or add more to it’s diet, must be individualized. We recommend to set advise from your pediatrician about the specific nutritional needs of your child.

Children's skewer wrapped with chicken | Babylino


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