Babylino Sensitive, in cooperation with, offers you unique entertainment material for your little angels.

Funtwothree is a magical world designed especially for children, with games, classic tales, Karagiozis videos, handicraft videos and many more, in order to feel safe about the time your children spend on the Internet. Children, even the younger ones that don’t know how to read, can navigate themselves by following audio messages. Funtwothree hosts 1,001 activities carefully designed to provide your children fun and learning.

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The balanced use of educational multimedia entertainment, along with the 'traditional' methods of children entertainment are beneficial. To achieve this balance, we recommend:

  • Set the time that the children can use the internet or other Media
  • You should impose often time breaks in media usage
  • Create with your kids everyday habits based on 'traditional' methods (storytelling , reading books , crafts , playing at home , walks in the park , etc. )


In younger age groups the active participation of parents in the activities of FunTwoThree is necessary. Give congratulations on even successful effort and offer encouragement when children encounter difficulties. Also, children love repetition. Let them see a video or listen to a story, multiple if they wish.

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