Newborn 2-5 kg Nο 1

Welcome to our life, baby!

Your baby just came into the world... you are holding it in your arms and still cannot believe it.

You are full of love and want to express it to your baby in the best possible way.

Spend time with it: talk to it, sing to it and recite baby rhymes. Your baby is familiar with your voice from its days in you womb. Give it hugs and your caress... This will help it feel safe and confident.

Babylino Sensitive diapers have an super-absorbent core that helps keep moisture stable inside the core and are enriched with a chamomile extract. They have received a Product Safety Awarded from the European Commission, thereby acknowledging their extremely high level of safety for infant skin, after a strict evaluation by EU’s special jury and they are the first disposable baby diapers in Europe, to be Oeko-Tex®Standard 100 certified for the absence of more than 200 harmful substances, so that you are sure they touch your baby’s skin with a proven friendly manner. Clinically tested, with excellent results after a 4 weeks study on babies under dermatologist and paediatrician supervision, by Dermatest Laboratory (Germany). With Comfi-Fit technology for excellent fit on baby's body.

Enhanced absorbency is provided by Dry Matrix technology, which has been incorporated in the core of Babylino Sensitive diapers. This technology consists of a net of natural fibers, that retains moisture stable inside the core.

 Thus, the advanced product design, can provide the dryness babies need, both during day and night, when demands for absorbency are even greater. This results in babies’ and parents’ more relaxed sleeping!

Learn more about the quality and safety of Babylino Sensitive.   


Babylino products follow responsible environmental practices.

  • They are produced in MEGA’s factory, using 100% green energy sources, as verified by the Green Certificate.
  •  MEGA received the international certification Zero Waste to Landfill at “Platinum” level, as in 2021 its production unit achieved 99,8% recycling and Energy Recovery.
  • Packed in 100% recyclable carton boxes with 100% materials promoting the circular economy. 
  • Packed in 100% recyclable packaging with 30% materials promoting the circular economy. 
  • Products not tested on animals.

You should know that the first and most favourite toy of your newborn baby is... your face! Its gaze can focus at 20 cm, the ideal distance to observe your face when you hold it in your arms! Its entire attention is focused on the movement of your eyes and lips, opening and closing as you are tenderly talking to it or saying rhymes.

Furthermore, newborn babies seem to love soft and warm fabrics. Make it lie on a soft blankets or wrap it in them and offer it, in yet another way, the warmth and the affection it needs.

Babylino Sensitive «Όλα όσα χρειάζεστε… σε μία μόνο πάνα»

Newborn 2-5 kg Nο 1 | Babylino


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